Want to become a veterinarian?

This guide has you covered. Written by a medical school admissions expert, this book provides invaluable information on the route to veterinary school and provides up-to-date data on programs nationwide.

A Brief Introduction

With record demand and 20% more applicants, vet school admission is expected to be both competitive and more focused on diversity. Consequently, vet school admission and future coursework are highly competitive but not impossible. You need a strategy and a guide to assist you in reaching your goal. GPA, prerequisites, GRE, CASPer, eLORs, resume, vet experience, research, leadership, interviews, and life stories are but a few considerations. If you have a keen interest in animal anatomy and physiology, disease diagnostics, zoology, entomology, food security, and/or pet/livestock/aquatic animal welfare, vet school is the right place.

This one-of-a-kind book offers you information and resources about admission to vet schools. This handy guide is organized, thorough, and easy to follow, offering you complete information on the planning and application process. Tables in the back organize the schools by various criteria. A companion book goes along with this book includes details of each vet school, which is also extremely useful. This book focuses on preparation, requirements, and applications.

Veterinary medicine is satisfying, rewarding, and a labor of love. Imagine a medical career where you use your intelligence, compassion, and creativity to serve and support animals. If passionately committed, vet school is the right choice, especially for disciplined science-focused students who cannot imagine their world without animals. When you know this is your path, you just need the right tools.

All communities need veterinarians. Yet, in many areas, there are grave shortages. There are also numerous other options for careers in this industry in addition to opening a clinic. Animal hospitals, companion animal clinics, and zoonotic environments are the most common, but poultry, cattle, and equine farms are essential as well. Other options include government agencies like USDA, NIH, FDA, CDC, and U.S. Army. Vet schools, research facilities, and the food and pharmaceutical industries are also big employers. Veterinary medicine offers a wide variety of options and a lifetime of intrigue.

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Vet School: Preparation, Application, Admission and Vet School Profiles: Veterinary Medical School Admissions Data and Analysis is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and through our publisher, Lizard Publishing.

Meet the Author

Rachel A. Winston, Ph.D.

Rachel Winston has served as a university professor, college advisor, author, and motivational speaker. As a leading expert in college counseling and an award-winning faculty member, Dr. Winston has spent her lifetime teaching, mentoring, and coaching students.

She has counseled thousands of students during her 35-year career. Working in D.C. and California gave her diverse experiences in politics, engineering, and mathematics. As an elected statewide leader, she won the McFarland Literary Achievement Award. She graduated from Harvard, UChicago, GWU, and UCLA.

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