Want to become a dentist?

This guide has you covered. Written by a dentist-turned-college-counselor and a college admissions expert, this book provides invaluable information on the route to dental school and provides up-to-date data on programs nationwide.

A Brief Introduction

Written by experts in the dental admissions process, this illuminating book provides data to make informed decisions about your future. Additionally, the text clarifies the dental school application (AADSAS), suggesting ways to organize yourself and better understand what is required. Information on dental schools, separated by region, offers you a valuable resource as you plan your road ahead. The layout of the book is easy to follow.

Securing your place in medical school requires more than just a few science classes and the DAT. Applicants should have a demonstrated understanding of the dental field, express genuine interest, and have additional knowledge or experiences that help the admissions committee choose you over another deserving candidate.

The practice of dentistry is a one-on-one personal experience with patients. While some patients enter for a routine cleaning or checkup, others are in extreme pain or are fearful of what a dentist might find or do. Thus, a positive, upbeat personality and a desire to help people are qualities admissions officers consider when interviewing candidates.

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Meet the Authors

Leigh Moore, D.M.D.

A Kentucky native, Leigh Moore earned a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Secondary Education from Vanderbilt University.  After several years teaching high school, she enrolled at the University of Louisville School of Dentistry, where she also completed an Advanced Education in General Dentistry residency.

After having children, Leigh transitioned away from dentistry to educational consulting.  She is the co-founder of Real College Matters LLC, an integrative, team-based practice of postsecondary advisors. She and her husband Robert are parents of Bob, Mac, and Jane.

Rachel A. Winston, Ph.D.

Rachel Winston has served as a university professor, college advisor, author, and motivational speaker. As a leading expert in college counseling and an award-winning faculty member, Dr. Winston has spent her lifetime teaching, mentoring, and coaching students.

She has counseled thousands of students during her 35-year career. Working in D.C. and California gave her diverse experiences in politics, engineering, and mathematics. As an elected statewide leader, she won the McFarland Literary Achievement Award. She graduated from Harvard, UChicago, GWU, and UCLA.

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